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Reconstruction and Conservation of Monuments

Renovation of the Cracow Arsenal facade

The Kontrapunkt Project Team prepared and administered the renovation of the heritage burgher-house facade at Grodzka Street 64 in Cracow. This is one of the best exposed Cracovian tenement houses. It is located in immediate proximity to Wawel Hill, and from its windows stretches an almost completely unobstructed view of the castle. Built in 1643 in early baroque style, the building originally housed the arsenal of King Vladislaus IV. In 1898, the building underwent a major redevelopment, was raised, and then for many years housed the Geography Institute of the Jagiellonian University. Since 2005, the Department of Polish Philology has had its home here. The renovation in its first stage encompassed the facade from the side of the main entrance and included: replacement and renovation of the plaster work, replacement of the door woodwork (based on the existing design), renovation of the portals and window frames, replacement of the roof gutters, replacement of the drainpipes, replacement of the lightning arrester system, replacement of damaged steel details, and other construction works.

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