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Laboratories and High Technology Facilities

Innovation Center of the Cracow Technology Park

The Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team has finished a design of the new seat for the Cracow Technology Park. The office and technology building has been erected on the perimeter of the Cracow Special Economic Zone, in the area of the Gronostajowa, Dobrzyński and Skotnicka Streets.

Cracow Technology Park constitutes a partnership that administers the zone of the surface of 528,84 ha. Within its shareholders, among others, there is: the State Treasury, Małopolskie Province or Cracow-based universities (AGH University of Science, the Jagiellonian University, and the Cracow University of Technology).

The aim of the Cracow Technology Park is to support enterprise (as well as university enterprise – Technological Incubator project), promote innovation and the use of modern technologies.

The design of the new CTP seat has been elaborated in the Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team. The building will host the Innovation Center, Knowledge Repository, Training Center and Auxiliary Center supporting the works of Research and Development Center along with computer laboratories. Both, employees and the guests of the new Center will be able to make use conference rooms, offices, library and a restaurant. Following the investor’s order, inside the building, special exhibition space will be also provided. The total surface of the site will amount to approximately 13 thousand m2.

One of the main architectonic concepts of the four-storey buildings is to adapt its facade to the modern technological requirements. This is how a system of photovoltaic cells inside the window walls will supply energy to the site facilities, whereas interactive external blinds will automatically interact with changing weather conditions.

Glass skylight will protect the Innovation Center patio from rain and snow. It will additionally be covered with perforated steel, for the sun spots to imitate luminary impacts of the hail of meteorites.

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