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Reconstruction and Conservation of Monuments

The Tenement House on Słowackiego Avenue in Cracow

The Kontrapunkt Investment Project Team has developed a facade renovation project for the tenement house at the intersection of Łobzowska Street and

Słowackiego Avenue
in Cracow. This building, which was constructed in 1929 based on the project of Ludwik Wojtyczka, is an excellent example of Polish modernist architecture. Taking into consideration the shape of the body and the composition of the facade, it constitutes one of the more interesting examples of Cracovian apartmental architecture of the interwar period. In the original project, the white plaster-work lining was contrasted with the black ceramic dais and ceramic decorations, which organised the windows in horizontal bands. The use of smooth black-coloured tiles was to enhance the effect of light reflection caused by the working of sunlight. Kontrapunkt Team architects deemed it indispensable to restore the original state of the facade in accordance with the intentions of its designer Ludwik Wojtyczka. The project was developed with extraordinary care, and among other things, foresees the application of unique hand-burnt tiles to re-create the original state of the facade. Photographs depict the state of the building before renovation, as work has not yet commenced.


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