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Laboratories and High Technology Facilities

TVN TV studio in Warsaw

The Kontrapunkt team has designed a modern TV studio which is situated on the cubist ITI premises.


The studio has been adjusted to the needs and demands of its users and designed according to cotemporary trends.


In order to obtain the desired usable height in the main studio, the ground floor of the studio is situated on – 3.5 m p.p.t.


The most important architectural feature of the lobby is a white, 19 meter wide, wall which is closing off the main studio. Monitors installed on white cubist shelves will be throwing blue afterglow onto it, without the public being able to see where it was coming from. The installation has been inspired by the song “Szklana pogoda”.


The central equipment of the studio will be accessible straight from the commodities hall.


The director’s room has been located close to the technical rooms, and on the top of the biggest studio. This solution enables the direct eye contact through the soundproof window.

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