The Kontrapunkt V-Projekt Project Investment Team provides a wide range of services in all areas of urban-architectural investment in Poland and the European Union.

We specialise in preparing the following projects and investment tasks:

- Preparation of program-spatial conceptions in the area of architecture management of lands;

- Execution of geological studies and construction analyses

- Preparation of architectural, building, bid and urban projects;

- Formulation of works and investment costs estimates;

- Forming of the technical-economic presuppositions for investments and business plans;

- Analysis of the legal state of the lands intended for future investment;

- Prognosis for and analysis of investment profitability;

- Obtainment, in the investor’s name, of local administration permission for localisation and building

- Preparation of scientific-historical studies and conducting of historical research, ascertainment of heritage buildings’ graphic losses;

- Creation of reconstruction and re-utilisation conservation projects for heritage buildings, including the localisation of modern functions;

- Providing supervision during the process of investment execution;

- Mediation in the sale of completed investments;

- Negotiations and supervision of firms responsible for execution

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