About us

team.jpgThe Kontrapunkt V-Projekt Project Investment Team established in Cracow in 1997, is a firm which seeks to have a positive effect on social and economic development through the art of spatial culture creation. Kontrapunkt is engaged in the planning and execution of urban-architectural commercial investments in Europe and the Near East.

Included in the international Team are architects, interior decorators, constructors, fitters, as well as professionals in many other areas. They are engaged in all phases of the investment tasks, from the preparation of the concept, through the project-planning, to the execution of the investment and author's supervision. Included in the team are individuals possessing the full project licence required to practise the profession in Poland and the European Union. Our designers are associated in the Chamber of Architects as well as the Chamber of Building Engineers.

Our clients include large government organisations, private investors, capital-investment groups, as well as local government units responsible for the development of investment in the region. We wish to take advantage of our experience to help those individuals and firms, who trust in our professionalism,  with their development and economic success. Our Team's greatest challenge is the harmonious combination of art, modernity and  technical solutions with our clients' commercial expectations.

In our work, we utilise the services of 50 licensed specialised programs for architectural project-planning, construction, ventilation systems, climatisation, computer networks and other systems. Thanks to our extensive experience, objects designed by us are intelligent, enduring and generate large economic profit.

The structure and organisation of the Kontrapunkt Project Investment Group:

  • Kontrapunkt V-projekt
  • Kontrapunkt Medic
  • Kontrapunkt Science
  • Kontrapunkt Investment
  • Kontrapunkt Houses and Estate
  • Kontrapunkt Konserwacja Zabytków
  • Kontrapunkt Industry

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